Image export tab

Export tab

An all-in-one image export panel - you can export multiple versions of the same file at the same time.

The top item, "Embedded JPEG preview" only supports JPEG export - it literally just copies out the embedded JPEG as is. No rotation is applied to the image.

The next item, "RAW data as 16-bit PNG", is another special option, where the file is always saved as a 16-bit PNG (16-bits per channel, so 48 bits per pixel. Because of this the file will typically be 20-25MB in size. Currently, a bit of special processing is applied to the results to boost saturation, though this may change in the future. I originally wrote this feature to test professional denoiser programs (Noise Ninja, Neat Image etc) and will support re-importing the PNG to convert it back to RAW in future.

In the "Where to save" section, you can drag-and-drop a file or directory to the "Relative to above directory" and "Specific directory" options, and the path will be used. Alternatively, you can simply fill in the text manually, or use the "Locate..." button to navigate to a particular path.